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AnZaNaMa a posted Dec 13, 17

Hello Everyone,

I've gone through all the applications and accepted three new moderators for the server! I'd like to congratulate aqwsjhk, cassmanholt123, and SDOAJ on their joining the moderator team. 

There were quite a few applications so, unfortunately, we couldn't approve everyone who applied. However, please don't let that discourage you. We will definitely need more staff members in the future if we're going to start up a second server on a different modpack, so when that time comes, feel free to reapply.

Hello, everyone!

We're now accepting applications for new moderators on the server.

We're looking for 2-3 players who are on at different times of the day so that we can try and keep coverage on the server at all times in case someone needs help.

Everyone is welcome to apply! The application is on the "Staff Application" page.

I plan to keep this open for a few days.

Just a quick announcement, we have started using a new ticket system on the website.

This is what we will be looking at for any issues that need solving, so if you have a problem from now on with something in the server, make sure to submit a ticket.

Please don't send messages to me or Broadway to receive help, because we'll just refer you to the website to submit a ticket.

Using this system makes it a lot easier for us to keep track of what we need to do, so this way we won't forget about you.

To submit a ticket, just go to the 'Tickets' page at the menu on the top!

The server's being updated to the Direwolf20 pack version 1.3.0 so make sure you go and update your client before joining in as well. With the update, a few things are changing:

1: The number of RFTools Dimensions a player can create has been limited to 2 per person. This is controlled by the dimension builder, so in order to create a dimension under your name, you must have been the person to place down the dimension builder that the dimlet tab is in. This is in an effort to reduce the amount of lag created by rftools dimensions while not disabling it in its entirety. I will be working with players who already have more than two dimensions to determine which of those they want to keep.

2: A new plugin ("CarrotShop") has been added. This is a player shop plugin as opposed to the global market as some players have expressed that they prefer this type of market. For the time being, both shops will remain active until we determine which or if we want to remove one.

3: WorldEdit has been added to the server. This will give us access to some useful features it includes, such as logging, rollbacks, and chunk regeneration.

4: Votifier has been added (but is still not yet properly configured). Hopefully we will be able to get this up and running fairly soon so that players can vote and receive rewards. At that point, we will be removing the ability to sell certain items to the server in an effort to preserve the economy as much as possible.

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the site!

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